Today’s Solutions: July 02, 2022

A Scotland native and his dog recently completed an 8,000-kilometer fundraising walk across Canada, all while wearing a kilt. After a nine-month odyssey, the tenacious pair finally reached Canada’s most easterly point, Cape Spear in Newfoundland, on Sunday.

Michael Yellowlees and his faithful husky started the journey back in March of this year, setting out from Tofino in British Columbia. Their goal was to cross the mountains and prairies of the world’s second-largest country, all in a bid to help restore the natural forests of Scotland.

Originally from Dunkeld and Birnam in Scotland, Michael undertook the epic trek across Canada to raise money for Trees for Life, which is working to rewild the Scottish Highlands and the country’s Caledonia pine trees.

The Caledonian Forest once covered most of Scotland, but it has reached a breaking point after centuries of excessive logging. As a result of deforestation, the forest now only exists as 35 individual remnants. Thankfully, conservation organizations like Trees for Life have started a coordinated effort to help preserve the Caledonian Forest.

Michael’s 8,000-kilometer trek has raised about $63,000, which will go to fund rewilding efforts. The 32-year-old Scotsman wore a kilt every day of the trip, including through snowstorms in the Rockies and the cold rain in Newfoundland.

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