Today’s Solutions: June 16, 2024

Most houseplants enter a period of dormancy in the winter, especially if you live in a colder climate. You might notice that plants begin to drop leaves or dry up in winter, and three plants, in particular, are especially finicky about cold, dark weather. Here are some tips for keeping those picky varieties alive as the days get shorter.


These beautiful multicolored plants hate dry air, which can make keeping them alive in the winter a challenge. To make sure they don’t dry up, try placing a garden dome over them or placing them near a humidifier. You can also try placing them on top of a tray of pebbles and water. Be sure to keep them away from heaters.

Fiddle leaf fig 

Fiddle leaf figs are infamous for being difficult to keep alive, and they can get especially perturbed by changes in lighting and humidity in the winter. Help this plant thrive by putting it near a sun-mimicking grow light and giving it a dose of plant protectant to help fend off pests and disease.


This ornate plant family doesn’t take a liking to the winter season, so be sure to move them away from drafty windows and hallways and be sure it’s getting enough water.

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