Today’s Solutions: November 27, 2022

One of the only populations of Ishasha tree-climbing lions in the world resides in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP). Unfortunately, the population faces numerous threats such as loss of habitat, climate change, and illegal wildlife trade.

The small group of lions only includes around 20 to 30 individuals. This tiny population size caused the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to place the species on the “vulnerable” to extinction list. Uganda’s national organization also labeled them “critically endangered”.

Although, there is a hopeful future for this interesting species. Several cubs have been born which has led to a big collective effort to guard their lives. With both members of the lion pack and humans coming together with fierce protection to save the species. Multiple organizations are devoted to the population through monitoring and learning more about the lions behavior.

Not that much is known about the Ishasha lions way of life. The animals tree-climbing behavior is unusual, with scientists best guess being that they reach these heights to get a better view of their surrounding area, plus increased protection from the wind.

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