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Today’s Solutions: June 21, 2024

Have a hard time keeping houseplants alive? The key to a greener thumb might just be giving your plant a name.

It sounds silly, but naming your plants helps you better remember to take care of them. It allows you to anthropomorphize the plant and empathize when it needs water, sun, or a bigger pot. We are also more likely to remember to check in on it if it has a name.

Additionally, research shows we do tend to name things when we’re lonely, which means doing so must help us to feel less so. Naming your plant will not only extend its life but also help you feel a little less solitary during these isolating times. Research has also shown that talking to plants helps them grow faster and stay healthy. So feel free to give your plant a morning greeting or afternoon hello as well.

So what to name it? Maybe name it after where you got it or the name of your favorite TV character. This part is completely up to you!

Source study: National Library of Medicine – Creating social connection through inferential reproduction: loneliness and perceived agency in gadgets, gods, and greyhounds

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