Today’s Solutions: June 28, 2022

Australian mining company Fortescue and Fortescue Future Industries are collaborating with UK-based Williams Advanced Engineering to create the Infinity Train—the world’s first battery-electric self-charging train.

How does it work?

A zero-carbon electric train that never needs to stop to recharge its battery power may seem too good to be true, but the ingenious design actually uses a free and natural force to create energy: gravity.

The train will use gravitational energy that is generated on the downhill loaded sections of the rail network to power up its battery systems. According to Fortescue CEO Elizabeth Gaines, “the Infinity Train has the capacity to be the world’s most efficient battery-electric locomotive. The regeneration of electricity on the downhill loaded sections will remove the need for the installation of renewable energy generation and recharging infrastructure, making it a capital-efficient solution for eliminating diesel and emissions from our rail operations.”

On the road to net-zero

Both Fortescue and Williams Advanced Engineering are dedicated to developing new greener technologies to help fight against climate change and to reach their 2030 net-zero emissions goal. The main thrust of their focus is naturally on a high-performance battery and electrification system, which is what their Infinity Train hinges on.

Fortescue is also currently working on hydrogen fuel cell mining trucks and ammonia-fueled trains. 

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