Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2023

In case you haven’t gotten to it yet, chances are spring cleaning is still on your mind. Now if that’s still on your to-do list, here are 10 clever hacks that will make cleaning the house a better, smarter experience.

Clean the shower while you’re in it

When you’re almost done showering, grab a squeegee to wipe down walls and use a rag to mop up the moisture along the bottom. By doing this, you’ll turn the task of cleaning a shower into something quick and perhaps enjoyable.

Illuminate the dirt

Switch on a flashlight and lay it on the floor before you sweep or vacuum. You’ll see the last speck of dust, helping you have a more thorough cleaning.

Flip rugs over for a deep clean

Most of us vacuum one side of a rug and call it clean, but if you want to make sure a rug is truly clean, flip it over for a second pass with the vacuum, then flip it again to its proper side and repeat. 

Open windows as you clean 

The introduction of fresh air immediately takes a room from stale and musty to smelling fresh and clean. It serves a practical purpose, too, helping to flush indoor contaminants and viral particles from the air.

Use tongs to clean blinds

Wrap the ends of a set of tongs in small rags and attach them with an elastic band. Now grab one slat of the blinds with the tongs and move along their lengths. The rags will clean on top and below simultaneously.

Open those blinds

Pull the blinds up to let the light in, as there’s some evidence that UV rays can damage most microorganisms and viruses. 

Make a pile on your bed 

If you’re cleaning your bedroom, heap all the clothes, pillows, and other items on top of your bed, so that when you go to bed you have no choice but to put them all away before sleeping. 

Use toothpaste as a cleaner

Did you know toothpaste can get rid of stray marker or crayon lines created by children who get overly enthusiastic in their artistic endeavors? According to Good Housekeeping, toothpaste works wonders on marker stains on wood surfaces and walls. It also works on stuff like silverware, leather scuffs, and piano keys.

Use lemon and salt to clean wood

The combination of salt and lemon can clear build-up on butcher block-style countertops and wooden cutting boards.

Use dishwater creatively

Dishwashers aren’t just for dishes. You can wash plenty of things in them that are heat-resistant, such as toys and tools. Just don’t wash dishes at the same time.

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