Today’s Solutions: April 14, 2024

New transportation technologies literally transform cities. Beyond the obvious construction of subways, the innovation of the automobile gave rise to the prevalence of suburbs, industrial areas outside of cities, and the remodeling of American streets. 

We might soon see a similar change in American cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and particularly New York City, which is changing its transportation culture and, possibly soon, infrastructure. 

The NYC e-bike boom

E-bikes have been enjoying a growth in popularity all throughout the Pandemic, and the craze is still going today. Even more so now that Citi Bike has brought its newest generation of models to New York City, after Chicago and San Francisco. 

The new upgraded model can go 20 miles an hour, travel for 60 miles before needing another charge, and has a sturdier, heavier frame. It also has an LCD screen between the handlebars to monitor speed and mileage, and riders can use them up to 15 times a day. Citi Bike, the biggest bike-sharing system outside of China, will have its biggest test run yet in NYC, which has a fleet of nearly 5,000 e-bikes. 

Nearly everyone in town rides them, including delivery services and families. This trend could greatly reduce traffic and the city’s sizable carbon footprint, and it also helps individuals and families. 

The growing and changing community 

It used to be that e-bikes weren’t a practical option for families who couldn’t transport their children on the two-wheeler. The RadWagon cargo bikes, however, offer parents and delivery riders to haul a great deal more on their backs, and community efforts are stepping up to help individuals and families with financing. 

The Equitable Commute Project is a New York City initiative to assist individuals in communities with long commutes to get electric transportation options and help them with financing. Additionally, the E-Bike Act would offer a 30 percent tax credit over five years (up to $900) to individuals who lessen the commuter load by getting an e-bike. 

Although, New York City still has certain issues to revolve around the new e-bike trend, such as safety, equity, and infrastructure. However, New York City’s taste for electric two-wheelers certainly isn’t going anywhere, so it’s only a matter of time until the city itself changes to meet the green trend. 

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