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In honor of father’s day this Sunday, we are revamping a few stories that celebrate the inspiring dads out there in the world, empower dads, or highlight the incredible experience of fatherhood.

We can all agree that a break-up of any kind is a stressful process, but divorce with children involved is especially taxing, even if amicable. Untangling lives that have been intertwined can be emotionally exhausting, with the physical act of moving out of a shared home and into their own space adds another arduous trial for divorcees.

Recently single dads tend to be represented in popular media as being somewhat lost in the home-making department. Stacy Herman, event manager turned interior designer, saw that the stereotype of the struggling newly-single dad has a ring of truth to it and that there was a need for a design firm that catered specifically to this demographic. This led her to launch Stripe Street Studio in December 2019, an interior design firm that helps its clients make the transition from married to single life, while maintaining consistency and the feeling of home for their families.

“It’s such a crazy time for people when they’re getting divorced,” Herman states. “They’re dealing with emotions, they’re dealing with a legal advisor, with a financial advisor, and they don’t necessarily know where to go to get towels and furniture or how to make a good investment in that stuff. So I come in as a kind of home advisor.”

Herman takes the time to get a sense of her client’s personalities and lifestyles and also helps them analyze their space so that she can deliver something aesthetically pleasing and functional while working within their budget.

Because of her background in event planning and creative marketing, she knows who to contact and how to coordinate the setup of her client’s new home so that they are at ease with the whole moving process.

The result is a stylish and practical home, rather than an empty house, which assists clients in adjusting and coming to terms with their new life. Herman’s guidance helps kids have an easier transition too. They get to come home to a comfortable and organized space with designated areas for their toys, homework, and snacks.

Herman has always been empathetic toward families who are going through a divorce and is glad to be able to help them transition in this way. Coming home to a thoughtfully-designed space is therapeutic in many ways for the whole family, and also gives a boost of confidence to dads who are embarking on a new stage in their lives.

This article was originally published on March 9, 2021.

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