Today’s Solutions: March 31, 2023

Even the most diligent of kitchen cleaners will eventually find themselves swatting away at fruit flies. There are a variety of potential culprits—the full trash can, the overripe fruit sitting in a bowl, or forgotten takeout containers. Either way, chances are that you’ve struggled at least a few times with these pesky unwanted guests. Here’s the best method to get rid of them (yes, it’s even better than the popular plastic-wrap-over-a-glass technique).

How to get rid of fruit flies
  • You need a piece of paper, some tape, a mason jar or tall drinking glass, dish soap, and vinegar (apple cider or red wine vinegar are best).
  • Roll the piece of paper into a funnel and make sure the narrow end fits snugly into your glass before taping it together.
  • Pour in a few tablespoons of your chosen vinegar and add a tiny drop of dish soap. The soap breaks the surface tension of the vinegar, sinking any fruit flies that touch down.
  • Place your paper cone into the jar and leave your DIY trap close to the flies’ hangout. (If the cone is a little wobbly, tape it to the glass rim in a couple of spots to secure it.)

The fruit flies will be drawn to the irresistible scent of the vinegar, but once they’re in the cone, they won’t be able to get out. It’s a foolproof plan to keep your house fruit fly-free.

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