Today’s Solutions: February 08, 2023

Chances are it takes quite a lot of resources to keep your office running. Think about it. The office needs lighting and heat, the printer requires ink and paper, and may use disposable cups and other single-use plastics that can easily be thrown away instead of cleaning. With just a few changes, you can turn your office into an eco-friendly one.

Here are five changes you can immediately get started with.

Recycle your plastic

Beyond encouraging your office to avoid single-use plastic bags and packaging, you can ensure the soft plastics you do use are recycled correctly.

Think about your printers

Use more efficient printers that produce less heat and require fewer parts and repairs. WorkForce Enterprise business printers are a great example, using a whopping 87 percent less energy than most laser printers.

Choose products that truly make a difference

While it might not seem like a big change, in theory, consider how many times the toilet rolls get replaced, the dishwasher gets turned on, or the cups in the sink get washed every day.  Choose which products you use wisely, and it will make a difference in the long run.

Change up the lighting

It makes no sense to use standard bulbs when ultra-efficient LEDs already exist that use far less energy and last longer. Or if you can, find ways to add more natural light.

Re-invent the office space

Donate any furniture that’s no longer in use to create space and add plants to liven the office up. Once the space is more open, why not add an indoor plant or two? Plants clean the air by filtering out all kinds of pollutants and can improve your mental health. Curious about what plants are best for air filtration? Check out this article

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