Today’s Solutions: January 29, 2023

There is tremendous economic potential in the transition to a renewable energy future, but detailed descriptions of what these green jobs will look like aren’t always available. We’ve talked about the job potential for renovating old oil and gas fields, but today we share a guide from Grist on ten jobs that will shape a zero emissions future.

Assembly-line home fabricator 

The homes of the future will put far more emphasis on circularity, so production lines will have to be revamped to value modular homes that can be deconstructed and reconstructed without sending materials to the landfill. Circular construction will shrink construction jobs, but jobs designing and assembling modular homes will create new opportunities.

Home energy auditor and retrofitter

Creating more sustainable homes means assessing and retrofitting current models to include electric appliances, adequate insulation, low-flow plumbing, and home solar.

Marine retrofitter

If we can make electric cars, why not make electric boats too? Some models are already in the works, but moving forwards, retrofitting boats to be zero emission and silent will be a hot job.

Electric vehicle technician

Many mechanics are concerned about their role in society once we fully embrace electric vehicles. EVs will still need repairs, so training mechanics to work on electric models offers a clear career path in a post-carbon world.

Non-traditional fuel source engineer

A 2019 Clean Energy Canada report found that the waste to fuel sector will grow exponentially over the coming years. This means finding ways to fuel our world not only with renewable electricity but also garbage and even sewage.

Emissions auditor

Many companies claim to be making green changes, but how do we hold them accountable? Emissions auditors will have the critical role of ensuring that no companies are thwarting emissions regulations. Climate Smart, a company that specializes in reducing carbon emissions, reports that for people in accounting or operations, job training as an emissions auditor takes only 30 hours.

Environmental accountant

Creating a real picture of the benefits that carbon cuts offer our world will speed up the transition to renewables. Environmental accountants play an important part in mapping out how achieving zero emissions creates a more prosperous future for all.

Wilderness restorer

Rewilding the Earth’s surface plays a big role in reducing emissions and boosting biodiversity. Designing and executing restoration plans that repair ecological balance will be a task for many hands.

Regenerative farmer

Regenerative farming is healthier for us and the planet. To feed our future world, we will need to invest in farming techniques that capture carbon, restore soil health, and yield more nutrient-dense crops.

Circular economy retailer

Designing ways to reuse, recycle, and repurpose the goods we have already produced is key for building a waste-free world. 

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