Today’s Solutions: September 28, 2023

The gorgeous town of Lahaina, located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, is reeling from the devastation caused by a fast-moving wildfire that has left a trail of ruin and loss. Lahaina’s historic charm has been almost completely devoured by flames, leaving behind sadness and pain that the town is trying to mend. As recovery operations get underway, the human spirit shines brightly, reminding us of the power of unity even in the darkest of times.

“You can’t imagine, even from the pictures. It’s— everything is gone. There’s nothing left,” local resident and business owner J.D. Hessemer shared in somber reflection to CBS Mornings. A glimpse of solidarity and resilience has begun to sprout among the ruins. “Lahaina needs the world’s help,” Hessemer said, highlighting the necessity of global assistance.

A global call for help

President Biden has quickly approved a federal disaster designation for Maui in reaction to this horrific event. This critical step opens the door to federal assistance to help with the reconstruction effort. However, the road to recovery necessitates a collaborative effort that goes beyond government action. Individuals, organizations, and communities all throughout the world have the chance to make a significant difference by providing assistance during this time of disaster.

Extending a hand: Ways to support
The American Red Cross

Disaster professionals from the American Red Cross are on the ground, working diligently to help people in need. You can help by donating at, calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, or texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Hawai’i Community Foundation

The Hawai’i Community Foundation‘s Maui Strong Fund has already raised $1 million to assist fire victims. Visit their website or contact Donor Services for additional information on how to contribute.

Maui United Way

Founded in 1945, Maui United Way is committed to addressing critical community issues. Their Maui Fire and Disaster Relief Donations Page is a way to contribute meaningful assistance.

Maui Food Bank

The Maui Food Bank‘s aim is to provide a vital lifeline to people who are hungry. Your contributions guarantee that families receive the food they require during these tough times.

Maui Nui Strong

Maui Nui Strong is a County of Maui project that brings together resources and community support. Whether you give, volunteer, or seek support, their platform allows you to join forces.

Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation

In the middle of the chaos, the Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation serves as a safe refuge for evacuated pets. Your support will enable these selfless caregivers to continue their crucial work.

The people of Lahaina, as well as those who have rallied behind them, are charting a course for recovery, reconstruction, and resilience. The global response to this catastrophe demonstrates humanity’s incredible ability to unify in the face of hardship. With every act of kindness and generosity, we plant the seeds of healing for Maui and its beloved communities.

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