Today’s Solutions: April 17, 2024

Detroit proudly reveals the nation’s trailblazing innovation: a length of road that wirelessly charges electric vehicles (EVs) on the move or at rest, signaling a big step forward in automotive evolution.

Eliminating EV charging challenges

The introduction of wireless charging on highways represents a promising solution, removing the fundamental inconvenience of frequent pauses for EV users to plug in, enabling seamless and uninterrupted journeys.

The road to continuous electric mobility

This electrified route serves not only private EV users, but also other electric vehicles such as buses, delivery vans, long-haul trucks, and even robotaxis, ensuring uninterrupted operation around the clock.

Officials honored the installation of Electreon’s inductive-charging coils over a quarter-mile stretch of 14th Street in Detroit’s Michigan Central in a historic ceremony. This serves as a live testing ground for Electreon’s revolutionary wireless-charging technology.

In the real world: testing for future public access

The testing phase at Michigan Central is intended to fine-tune and optimize Electreon‘s wireless-charging system before its eventual public rollout in the coming years. In 2024, bids will be solicited for the renovation of a portion of US-12 (Michigan Avenue), which will include additional inductive charging segments.

As EVs equipped with suitable receivers approach the in-road charging section, electricity is wirelessly supplied via a magnetic field, smoothly transferring energy to the vehicle’s battery. This game-changing technology works whether the car is stationary or moving.

In the midst of an innovative system, safety is vital. Electreon ensures that contact with the pavement poses no risk of electric shock to drivers, pedestrians, or wildlife, ensuring a safe environment for all road users.

A nexus of technological advancement

Electreon, a member of the restored Michigan Central train station’s Detroit Newlab, is at the forefront of this innovative wireless charging technology. Their method is currently being tested in cities throughout Europe, Israel, and China, paving the road for worldwide deployment.

Detroit cements its status as the birthplace of the first electric roadway in the United States, highlighting its commitment to advancing futuristic mobility solutions. This technological marvel represents a significant step forward in determining the future of electric transportation across the country.

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