Today’s Solutions: April 17, 2024

Imagine a world in which medical implants may run perpetually without the need for battery refills. This futuristic potential could soon become a reality owing to a remarkable invention by a team of Chinese scientists.

Introducing the concept of the self-sustaining battery 

The researchers describe this incredible new concept in the journal Chem: an implanted battery that is driven by the body’s own oxygen. This revolutionary battery, which harnesses oxygen from the human body, could eliminate the need for surgical procedures to replenish exhausted batteries in medical equipment.

Testing the viability of oxygen-powered batteries

The scientists created a sodium-oxygen (Na-O2) battery with electrodes made of gold and sodium, both biocompatible materials. The battery, which was placed just beneath the skin of lab rats, revealed its ability to create energy utilizing the body’s oxygen while generating no inflammation or detrimental effects.

Unlocking potential: implications for medical technology

While the current energy production may not be sufficient for modern medical devices, the proof of concept shows great promise. According to Xizheng Liu, a researcher from Tianjin University of Technology, “If we can leverage the continuous supply of oxygen in the body, battery life won’t be limited by the finite materials within conventional batteries.”

Advanced battery technology for medical implants

The researchers want to improve the battery’s design so that it can produce more power while being safe for internal use. With further research, these self-sustaining batteries could transform the area of medical implants, providing patients with a seamless and long-lasting option for powering critical devices within their bodies.

In the field of medical technology, innovation knows no limitations. With the quest for self-sustaining batteries driven by the body’s oxygen, we are on a path to a future in which medical implants run seamlessly, altering the landscape of healthcare.

Source study: Chem—Implantable and bio-compatible Na-O2 battery


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