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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Springtime brings a burst of color and life to gardens everywhere, and this year is no exception. Trends in flower planting are flourishing, ranging from vivid colors to environmentally friendly methods. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, here are five flower gardening ideas that professionals are embracing in 2024.

Cut flower gardens

Gardeners of all abilities are growing to love cut flower gardens, which are created especially for harvesting. “Many home gardeners will be dedicating planting areas to floral harvesting in 2024,” says Emily Lucas, whose cut flower garden rose to popularity on TikTok. These gardens offer both beauty and functionality as a sustainable source for gorgeous bouquets and arrangements.

Explore pastel varieties 

This year, pastel colors—hues of blush, peach, and coral—are taking center stage in flower gardens. For small-scale producers, Lucas advises experimenting with unusual pastel kinds like dahlias and zinnias. “These warmer pastels are perfect for adding a soft, romantic touch to any garden,” says Lucas.

Going vertical with garden spaces

There has been a dramatic increase in vertical gardening techniques for many gardeners to make better use of their outdoor space. Trellises, hanging planters, or containers—vertical gardening provides inventive solutions for cramped areas. “I’ve noticed a huge increase in home gardeners finding creative ways to grow flowers in limited spaces,” says Lucas. Flat owners and those with limited yards will find this trend an ideal fit.

Recreating the charm of cottage-style gardens

Gardeners are drawn to cottage-style gardens because of their laid-back, organic look, which is influenced by the English countryside. Lucas asserts, “The English cottage garden style is here to stay.” Seasonal flowers and vibrant pastels make these gardens a friendly place for people and pollinators. Any outside location gains appeal and playfulness from the unstructured appearance.

Selecting eco-friendly options

Focus on environmentally friendly gardening techniques is increasing along with environmental consciousness. Lucas wants to encourage flower growers to think about their environmental effects. She notes that growing numbers of cut flower farmers are utilizing plastic-free arrangements and regenerative techniques. A garden that is good for the environment may be made in countless ways, from using flowers that are good for pollinators to recycling everyday objects as planters.

As you plan your garden for the 2024 growing season, consider incorporating these exciting trends to elevate your floral displays and support a healthier planet.

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