Today’s Solutions: November 29, 2021
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Study: Schools of fish operate like a superorganism

The world under the waves is still a mystery, with 95 percent of oceans yet to be explored. Scientists are always uncovering many new and exciting aspects of this ecosystem; from the importance of fish ... Read More

New biodegradable glitter lets you sparkle guilt-free

As sparkly and magical as it is, glitter is actually a form of microplastic, and even products that claim to contain biodegradable glitter rarely actually are. This is a difficult issue to tackle because countries ... Read More

Wireless sensor embedded into bone to monitor bone health in real-time

It’s difficult for doctors to monitor the health of a patient’s bones, or to observe how broken or fractured bones heal. However, this may soon change thanks to researchers at the University of Arizona, who ... Read More

8 Ways to use avocado oil in your skincare routine

Avocado oil is a great addition to your kitchen as it is a healthy fat full of vitamins and minerals, but did you know this versatile oil is also great for your skin? Today we ... Read More

The formerly incarcerated find employment and community at Down North Pizza

Philadelphia's Down North Pizza is famous for its Detroit-style square pies and secret, smoky tomato sauce, but back in the kitchen, the restaurant is doing more than just churning out great pizza. It’s also offering ... Read More

Study brings us one step closer to sustainable pharmaceuticals

On average, the pharmaceutical industry creates 100kg of waste for every 1kg of small-molecule drug synthesized. Making this process highly inefficient and creating a lot of toxic waste. Nitrogen-containing chemicals called primary amines are the ... Read More

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Community school model gaining tracti...

Following a teachers’ strike in 2019, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUDS) has approved funding to turn 30 schools into community schools to better meet the needs of teachers, students, and their families. According ... Read More

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