Today’s Solutions: April 18, 2024

A new study reveals that magic mushrooms could be an unexpected catalyst for a better sex experience. Imperial College London, known for its psychedelic studies, launched a leading investigation into the intriguing interaction of psychedelics and sexuality.

The psychedelic passion project

In a press release that adds a bit of whimsy to academic research, Imperial College London introduces what they proudly declare as the “first known academic inquiry into how psychedelics can affect sex.” The study, published in Nature Scientific Reports, investigates enjoyment, contentment, and connection following a psychedelic trip.

Long-term effects: weeks and months of pumped-up pleasure

Researchers sent self-reported sexual experience questionnaires to 261 people who had various reasons for consuming magic mushrooms. The wonderful revelation? On average, participants reported long-term improvements in many aspects of sexual functioning, which lasted for weeks or even months after the trip.

Mushrooms and sexual health

A wonderful twist arises for the 59 people who took psilocybin for depression in a research trial. Despite the well-known fact that antidepressants reduce libido, nearly half reported greater arousal and interest in sex. The study proposes a potential option for disorders that impair sexual health, challenging the status quo of standard drugs.

A ‘spiritual experience’

The Imperial College news release tells a story of remarkable changes in the participants’ sexual worlds. The study’s most significant improvements are noted in “sexual pleasure, satisfaction with their own appearance, satisfaction, and communication with their partner, as well as perceiving sex as a ‘spiritual experience.'” It indicates that the afterglow of psychedelics extends to the soul.

Tomasso Barba’s perspectives

Tomasso Barba, the study’s first co-author and an Imperial College Ph.D. student, discusses the ramifications of the findings. Beyond the surface exploration, Barba suggests possible mental health advantages, particularly for serious depression and anxiety. He underlines that the study is not about the immediate impacts, but rather suggests a long-term good impact on sexual functioning following a psychedelic experience.

Valentine’s Day upgrade?

The study humorously suggests swapping traditional chocolates for some with a psychedelic twist this Valentine’s Day. While quick benefits are not guaranteed, the possibility of boosting the lasting effects of intimacy may simply add a touch of magic to this romantic season.

Source study: Nature Scientific Reports—Psychedelics and sexual functioning: a mixed-methods study

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