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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024

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Ramadan 2024: 10 vital tips fo

Ramadan 2024: 10 vital tips for staying healthy and preventing weight gain

Ramadan, the month of fasting, introspection, and spiritual growth, presents a unique set of challenges for people who want to maintain an active lifestyle. Fasting from sunrise to sunset necessitates careful planning to ensure energy levels are maintained and physical well-being is prioritized. Read More...

Restitution of Asante Kingdom

Restitution of Asante Kingdom treasures: US museum returns stolen artifacts after 150 years

In a historic event, the Asante kingdom of Ghana welcomed the return of seven royal treasures seized by British colonial forces 150 years ago and kept at the Fowler Museum at the University of California, Los Angeles since the 1960s. This is a significant development in the ongoing global campaign Read More...

Former Japanese American deten

Former Japanese American detention site becomes national park

The Amache National Historic Site in southeastern Colorado has been officially recognized as one of America's national parks. Amache, founded during World War II, was one of the locations where thousands of Japanese Americans were incarcerated and imprisoned. It is now transitioning from a sad Read More...

Kenyan artists transform disca

Kenyan artists transform discarded flip-flops into vibrant sculptures

On the shores of Kenya, where waves weave tales of the sea, a remarkable story unfolds—a story of resilience and creativity. This is the journey of Ocean Sole, a company that doesn't just clean beaches; it turns beach trash into vibrant, soulful sculptures that bring life and joy to local Read More...

Why culturally diverse dataset

Why culturally diverse datasets are critical for training AI

In the constantly evolving field of artificial intelligence, the demand to embrace cultural diversity in training datasets is more than a suggestion; it is a global need. A new study by the University of Copenhagen and AI start-up Anthropic revealed a startling reality: Large Language Models (LLMs) Read More...

Fearless hearts: more than 50

Fearless hearts: more than 50 Taylor Swift songs are perfect for life-saving CPR

In a remarkable marriage of pop culture and medical science, Monash University's Victorian Heart Institute researchers revealed that over 50 Taylor Swift songs have the perfect beats per minute (bpm) for efficient chest compressions during CPR. This Fearless initiative seeks to turn Swift's songs Read More...

Top 5 Martin Luther King Jr. s

Top 5 Martin Luther King Jr. speeches that aren't "I Have a Dream”

Martin Luther King Jr.'s impact on the Civil Rights Movement extended beyond his well-known "I Have a Dream" speech. According to Jason Miller, an English professor at North Carolina State University, King's oratory was his most significant contribution, serving as a medium for transformation. As Read More...

6 books for young readers to

6 books for young readers to celebrate Black History Month

Each February, the United States recognizes the efforts and sacrifices of African Americans who helped shape the country. If you're unsure how to teach youngsters about Black history this month or throughout the year, experts frequently recommend turning to literature for help. Literature as a Read More...

7 dazzling winter solstice cel

7 dazzling winter solstice celebrations from around the world

The Winter Solstice is a global celebration rooted in rich traditions and historical significance, not just an astronomical event. As the Northern Hemisphere experiences its longest night on December 21 (or June 20 in the Southern Hemisphere), many cultures celebrate the return of the sun with Read More...

‘Rizz’: unveiling

'Rizz': unveiling and explaining Oxford University's Word of the Year for 2023

As 2023 bids us farewell, we take a lovely linguistic detour, examining not only what we've talked about, but also how we've expressed it. Enter the Oxford Word of the Year, a fragment of vocabulary that captures our conversation. And what about the prize for 2023? It's "rizz," a noun sparkling Read More...