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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024

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Here we cover the latest and most uplifting exhibitions, creative movements, and imaginative design to keep you inspired throughout your day.

Navigating digital dating and

Navigating digital dating and modern relationships

Digital dating has changed the way we connect, creating a new vocabulary of phrases such as ghosting, orbiting, and breadcrumbing. While these activities may appear fairly innocent on the surface, they can have serious consequences for our mental health and well-being. Psychotherapist Danielle Read More...

Good old-fashioned printed tex

Good old-fashioned printed text outshines screens for cognitive engagement in young readers

In today's digital landscape, the draw of screens is clear, especially among the youngest members of society. But, what does this switch-up mean for children's developing brains? Recent research published in the journal PLOS ONE investigates the neurological ramifications of reading on screens Read More...

How the Sounds Right project

How the Sounds Right project brings harmony to environmental protection and music 

In the realm of music, inspiration can strike from the most unexpected sources. From the soft rustle of leaves to the grand roar of a waterfall, nature's symphony has long served as the backdrop for many melodies. Take the hit "Blackbird" by The Beatles—halfway through the track the sweet sound Read More...

The ancient origins of your 60

The ancient origins of your 600,000 year old cuppa joe

Did you realize that the beans that comprise your morning cup of coffee date back 600,000 years? Scientists have discovered the ancient origins of Coffea arabica, the popular coffee plant that fills millions of cups worldwide. The global takeover of Arabica coffee With its well-known sweet Read More...

The art and science of masteri

The art and science of mastering the "flow state”

Flow, also known as being "in the zone," is a state of heightened creativity that leads to unprecedented productivity and pleasant consciousness. Psychologists believe it may even hold the key to long-term happiness, acting as the brain's fast lane to achievement in a variety of fields, including Read More...

Young Virginians will receive

Young Virginians will receive free books thanks to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library 

For Dolly Parton, the journey of imagination begins with a book. Inspired by her childhood favorite, "The Little Engine That Could," the renowned country singer established Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a program that sends one free book to children under the age of five each month. This Read More...

The undeniable brain-boosting

The undeniable brain-boosting power of hands-on activities

The human hand is a natural masterpiece, capable of delicate movements and exquisite manipulation that no other species on Earth can match. However, modern life is increasingly focused on basic actions such as tapping screens and pushing buttons, which distances us from sophisticated hand Read More...

Why is Easter so early this ye

Why is Easter so early this year? Exploring the moon's impact on Easter, Passover, and more

In the tapestry of time, the alignment of celestial bodies orchestrates not only natural phenomena but also the timing of our cherished religious celebrations. The lunar rhythms influence the 2024 celebrations of Easter, Passover, Ramadan, and Holi, posing both challenges and curiosity for Read More...

Your guide to witnessing April

Your guide to witnessing April's total solar eclipse in North America

With the total solar eclipse just around the corner, enthusiasm is building throughout North America. On April 8, a celestial display will occur as the moon crosses the sun, creating a shadow across a large portion of the continent. While acquiring premium lodgings may be difficult at this time, Read More...

Paws and pages: the Worcester

Paws and pages: the Worcester Library's feline solution for overdue fees

In the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts, a unique and touching program is enthralling the neighborhood, demonstrating that sometimes all it takes to repair overdue library items is a touch of feline charm. Worcester Public Library's 'March Meowness' campaign is transforming the way library fines Read More...