Circularity | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 40
Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024


Understanding the value of a circular economy and identifying circular solutions are essential to changing our world for good. Circularity, or the zero-waste principle of keeping materials in a closed loop and away from landfills and incinerators, is the future. Find out about the latest innovations and solutions accelerating the transition towards a circular economy in the articles here from The Optimist Daily.

These hiking boots are made fr

These hiking boots are made from ocean plastic and recycled rubber

Need some new hiking boots that will help keep your feet warm and supported in the winter months? If so, you should check out the Weekend Boot from Canadian footwear company Alice + Whittles. The Weekend Boot is a sturdy ankle boot that is entirely vegan, with no animal products used in the glue Read More...

Sustainable fashion: This puff

Sustainable fashion: This puffer jacket is made of up-cycled materials

After winning one of the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competitions, UK designer Maddie Williams partnered with major Chinese fashion brand JBNY Group to gain hands-on experience in producing a sustainable collection for retail. Williams immersed herself in every step of the garment Read More...

Sustainable fashion: This wate

Sustainable fashion: This waterproof outerwear is made from fishing nets

As public consciousness around the ecological footprint of the fashion industry grows, it has been good to see an increasing number of brands shifting their practices towards sustainability. Italian high-end clothing manufacturer Marta Scarampi has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to Read More...

These eco-friendly shoes set a

These eco-friendly shoes set an example in footwear sustainability

Bamboo, algae, sugarcane, and pineapple husk — these are some of the main ingredients behind a new eco-friendly shoe collection from New Zealand. Produced by Wellington-based startup YY Nation, the new shoes aim to take sustainability in the footwear industry to a whole new level — a Read More...

Closeup low angle view of Pohlia moss (Pohlia nutans) on forest floor, flare lighting effect

Washington’s first human compost company is open for business

Washington passed a law in 2019 allowing citizens to compost themselves after death for a more sustainable burial process. Fast forward a year later and the first human composting company is open for business in the state. Called Recompose, the company was instrumental in passing the 2019 law Read More...

Construction project completes

Construction project completes the world’s first 3D printed two-story home

Considered one of the largest sources of environmental pollution in the world, it’s no secret that the construction industry is in need of a green revamp. One way the sector could shift towards more sustainable practices is by integrating 3D printing technology within its modus operandi. A recent Read More...

This fashion award encourages

This fashion award encourages emerging fashion designers to go circular

Fashion awards are typically established with the purpose of showcasing new styles to the world and celebrating designers with the most outstanding contributions to the industry during the year. The Redress Design Award takes it a step further by aiming to shine a spotlight on the importance and Read More...

Salomon’s new running shoes

Salomon’s new running shoes are 100% recyclable

The problem with most shoes is that they are produced with a mix of materials and glues, making them nearly impossible to recycle. A new pair of running shoes from the French company Salomon wants to show the shoe industry that, yes, it’s possible to create a shoe where every single part of it Read More...

Don’t throw away that greasy

Don’t throw away that greasy pizza box! Recycle it

If you’ve long tossed your pizza boxes into the trash, figuring—along with many other Americans—that the grease and cheese leftover on the cardboard meant it couldn’t be recycled, Domino’s wants you to think again. It turns out that nearly three-quarters of US residents have a recycling Read More...

Compost bin in the garden.

Throwing food waste in the trash is now illegal in Vermont

Vermont has long been praised as one of the greenest states in the US, and rightfully so. In 2019, the Green Mountain State passed into law the most comprehensive ban on single-use plastics in the US, setting a commendable standard for other states to follow. In 2020 a bid to further their Read More...