Today’s Solutions: September 22, 2023

As you can probably tell by now, The Optimist Daily is a big fan of electric vehicles. EV’s offer a practical way to lower our personal carbon emissions and hold promise for additional benefits in the near future, such as powering our homes in an emergency. It also feels like EV’s have finally gone mainstream (if super bowl and awards shows’ ads are any indicator), and with the prices of gasoline surging, you might be thinking your next car should be electric.

In the face of limited supply, and a still stressed manufacturing supply chain, it might be an electric vehicle is a challenge to acquire.  Here’s a few ideas on how to land yourself an electric ride:

Plan and call ahead

EV’s are in very high demand at the moment. Not many dealers are even keeping models around for test drives. Call ahead and check with all dealers to make sure that what you’re looking for is in stock. Also, be sure to clarify with the dealer over the phone that they have specifically what you’re looking for.

Be patient and prepared to wait

With high demand and supply issues, the EV model you may have had your heart set on might not be available in your area and might even be temporarily out of production. You can be patient and wait. If you stay in contact with your dealer something comparable could come along. Then if you’re adaptable, maybe use your patience to keep looking and explore more dealerships and other EV’s.

Be sure about EV credits

You may be budgeting around an expected credit from your energy company or a tax credit. Don’t just consult your dealer about credits, consult government sites, friends with electric cars, electric companies, and read as much as you can to be sure about your benefits. Credits from an energy company in California may be drastically different from one in Arizona.

For now, maybe buy a hybrid

Prices for new electric cars are high at the moment, and it might be a while until EV’s become widely affordable. Additionally, finding used EV’s isn’t as easy as one would hope. A solution for now, if you’re determined to go electric now, is to buy a hybrid. If you don’t drive that much and are still infuriated by the pump, getting a used hybrid could still save you a great deal of money and reduce your emissions.

Electric bicycles are also great!

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