Climate Action | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 92
Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024

Climate Action

What is Climate Action? Climate Action is humanity's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance our planet's resilience against climate change. From adaptation to mitigation, at The Optimist Daily you will learn about the most recent positive news stories and solutions targeting climate change and other environmental issues.

This video game enables player

This video game enables players to tackle real-world environmental problems

From companies using more recycled materials in their products to corporations increasing their focus on sustainability, and people learning about ways to green up their lifestyle, climate change concerns have become ubiquitous. Now, even video games are joining the climate movement. One of these Read More...

Climate campaigners claim vict

Climate campaigners claim victory over Belgium's inadequate climate policy

Climate campaigners in Brussels came out on top last Thursday in court against the Belgian government in another victory that demonstrates how, when it comes to climate policies, the people can overturn the presiding authority of their countries. The campaigners claimed that Belgium’s climate Read More...

This self-sufficient floating

This self-sufficient floating island is designed to clean up our oceans

Here at The Optimist Daily, we have a soft spot for creative solutions to environmental challenges. That’s why we’re happy to share with you the story of the 8th continent — an award-winning design that recycles ocean plastic and is fully self-sustainable. Designed by Lenka Petráková, a Read More...

World Unity Week: Indigenous w

World Unity Week: Indigenous wisdom, climate change, and peace on Earth

Welcome to World Unity Week! We’re collaborating with other change-making organizations around the world to promote healing, community, and discussion. Each day, we will be featuring one of the many great events happening this week, and we encourage you to head over to the World Unity Week Read More...

7 Valuable lessons to learn fr

7 Valuable lessons to learn from Indigenous wisdom keepers

Natasha Deganello Giraudie, a filmmaker from Venezuela, first encountered Indigenous wisdom keepers as a child on a road trip through her home country. She noticed, even at her young age, how the Pemón people had an emotional and spiritual connection to their ancestral lands, and treated rivers, Read More...

This Chicago project raises th

This Chicago project raises the bar for sustainable urban development

With city populations expected to increase dramatically in the coming decades, it is essential that we take up a model for low-carbon development that promotes a thriving and sustainable future for urban communities. A recent development proposal in downtown Chicago is the embodiment of such a Read More...

Placing turbines behind hills

Placing turbines behind hills may help improve wind power efficiency

Finding ways to increase the efficiency of windmills has been on scientists’ innovation agenda for some time. While some innovators are working on radically different designs to achieve that goal, a recent study yields a rather unexpected finding — placing wind turbines behind hills could Read More...

AI system is spotting Californ

AI system is spotting California wildfires as soon as they start

With a historic drought deepening across the Western United States, many residents, officials, and first responders are nervously awaiting an inevitable severe wildfire season. When it comes to wildfire, quick detection is key and even a few minutes can make the difference between homes saved and Read More...

Somerset House welcomes trees

Somerset House welcomes trees into its courtyard for the first time

London’s acclaimed Somerset House was designed based on the principles of the Enlightenment and has maintained that aesthetic ever since — until now. Traditionally, trees and anything with leaves was forbidden in the Somerset House courtyard based on the building’s founding principles. Read More...

Rewilding: A Key Solution for

Rewilding: A Key Solution for Biodiversity

Wild wolves used to roam freely across most of the United States, but when these wolves were hunted to extinction in areas like Montana and Wyoming, ecosystems quickly fell out of balance. Without natural predators, elk populations soared, eating away at trees and grasses, eliminating building Read More...