Oceans | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 2
Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024


From tackling marine plastic pollution to coral reef restoration, learn about humanity’s latest efforts to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife.

How the Sounds Right project

How the Sounds Right project brings harmony to environmental protection and music 

In the realm of music, inspiration can strike from the most unexpected sources. From the soft rustle of leaves to the grand roar of a waterfall, nature's symphony has long served as the backdrop for many melodies. Take the hit "Blackbird" by The Beatles—halfway through the track the sweet sound Read More...

The EPA implements solutions f

The EPA implements solutions for forever chemical cleanup

In a remarkable step toward environmental protection, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took decisive steps last Friday to address the dangers of two forever chemicals, PFOA and PFOS. By designating these compounds as hazardous under the Superfund law, the EPA hopes to speed up cleanup Read More...

Revitalizing coral reefs acros

Revitalizing coral reefs across the Caribbean with sustainable breeding and restoration

SECORE International, an organization dedicated to preserving coral reefs for future generations, is at the forefront of coral restoration initiatives. SECORE, founded on the premise of "SExual COral REproduction," pioneered the novel concept of "Coral Seeding." This ground-breaking strategy Read More...

Scientists astonished to find

Scientists astonished to find 700 new species in Cambodia's mysterious mangroves

Embark on a journey to discover the hidden riches concealed beneath Cambodia's mangrove forests, where nature thrives against the backdrop of endangered landscapes. A pioneering biodiversity assessment done in the Peam Krasop sanctuary and Koh Kapik Ramsar reserve revealed a breathtaking tapestry Read More...

Reef Stars revival: innovative

Reef Stars revival: innovative solutions to coral reef restoration

Coral reefs, vibrant undersea ecosystems brimming with life, are experiencing an existential crisis. With forecasts indicating that 90 percent of these unique ecosystems may perish by 2050, immediate action is required. Despite this grim picture, scientists are discovering new and Read More...

The European Parliament passes

The European Parliament passes incredible bill that criminalizes ecosystem destruction

In a historic act, the European Union has criminalized serious incidents of environmental degradation, setting a global precedent. This innovative law, dubbed "comparable to ecocide," seeks to address ecosystem degradation, illicit logging, and habitat loss through enhanced penalties and prison Read More...

Kenyan artists transform disca

Kenyan artists transform discarded flip-flops into vibrant sculptures

On the shores of Kenya, where waves weave tales of the sea, a remarkable story unfolds—a story of resilience and creativity. This is the journey of Ocean Sole, a company that doesn't just clean beaches; it turns beach trash into vibrant, soulful sculptures that bring life and joy to local Read More...

Do mysterious Baird’s Be

Do mysterious Baird's Beaked whales share culture?—a dive into marine life ‘traditions'

In the frigid, dark waters near the Commander Islands, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Bering Sea, marine scientists have been attracted by a strange phenomenon. Baird's beaked whales (Berardius bairdii), known for their elusiveness in the deep sea, have been discovered frolicking in shallow Read More...

Scientists finally complete ma

Scientists finally complete map of gigantic deep sea coral reef off the US Atlantic coast 

For the first time in scientific history, experts have cracked the code of the world's largest deep-sea coral reef, a massive 6.4 million-acre ecosystem hundreds of miles off the Atlantic coast of the United States. This incredible discovery, which surpasses the size of Vermont, has now been Read More...

Sea otters: the guardians of C

Sea otters: the guardians of California's kelp forests

New research from the Monterey Bay Aquarium reveals a striking link between the recovery of Southern sea otters and the condition of kelp forests along the West Coast. According to a study published in the journal PLOS Climate, the recovery of sea otter populations in central California coincided Read More...