Oceans | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 3
Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024


From tackling marine plastic pollution to coral reef restoration, learn about humanity’s latest efforts to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife.

10 simple and eco-friendly r

10 simple and eco-friendly resolutions for the New Year

As we step into the new year, it's normal to plan major changes. But let's face it-- implementing them can be difficult. These ten green resolutions are so straightforward that you won't have an excuse not to keep them. Taking on these environmentally-centered goals is an easy and rewarding Read More...

A silhouetted surfing airing on a wave breaking on a beach in puerto rico

23-year-old strives to make surfing sustainable with mushroom surf boards

Surfing is a sport that is all about getting close to and appreciating nature. Unfortunately, conventional surfboards tend to contribute to environmental degradation. Steve Davies, a 23-year-old board designer from Porthcawl, Wales, is working on a surfboard built of mycelia, the root-like Read More...

Pacific coral reefs may be mor

Pacific coral reefs may be more resilient than we think

Coral reefs, the vibrant life-filled undersea cities, have long been on the front lines of climate change's onslaught. However, new research from Newcastle University provides a ray of light in the middle of these struggles. The coral reefs of Palau demonstrate a capacity to adapt to rising ocean Read More...

Nurturing nature: The US launc

Nurturing nature: The US launches the biggest-ever survey of nature and wildlife

With the unprecedented National Nature Assessment, the United States is beginning a ground-breaking adventure to protect its natural resources. In a presentation at the Ecological Society of America Conference in Oregon earlier this week, Phil Levin, director of the project and part of the faculty Read More...

Cultivating climate resilience

Cultivating climate resilience at COP28: 7 game-changing food and agriculture innovations

The convergence of global pressures, such as climate change and the mounting demands of a fast-growing population, has shone a bright light on agriculture's critical role in addressing these challenges. This important priority was highlighted at the recent United Nations climate conference, which Read More...

Style and sustainability: Pata

Style and sustainability: Patagonia transforms ocean waste into high-tech fashion

Patagonia once again emerged as a symbol of sustainability and style amidst rising concerns about plastic trash devastating coastal ecosystems through creating the groundbreaking Stormshadow Parka. This novel jacket, priced at $899, represents not just Patagonia's warmest product but also an Read More...

Growing the green workforce: U

Growing the green workforce: US commits $41M to clean energy training centers

The United States is preparing for an energy transformation, and it's no secret that a trained workforce is critical to making the transition to a cleaner future a success. The recent announcement by the Biden administration of a $40.8 million investment in 27 new training centers across the Read More...

Another UK company gives Nat

Another UK company gives Nature a voice in its boardroom

In a significant move towards sustainability, House of Hackney recently appointed a 'nature guardian', marking a pivotal step in integrating nature's voice into corporate decision-making. Frieda Gormley, co-founder of the London-based interiors firm, regarded this as a natural evolution for a brand Read More...

Leading up to COP28, EU-Canada

Leading up to COP28, EU-Canada Green Alliance amplifies climate dedications

By joining the EU-Canada Green Alliance, Canada and the EU have recently reaffirmed their commitment to combating climate change. This historic collaboration launched ahead of the COP28 climate meeting, is a huge step toward a more sustainable future. The alliance's importance was stressed by EU Read More...

The EU makes historic decision

The EU makes historic decision to stop plastic waste exports to poor countries

The European Union took an important step toward reducing plastic pollution by agreeing to stop exporting waste plastic to non-OECD countries. This landmark decision, which is still awaiting formal approval, demonstrates a commitment to responsible trash management and environmental Read More...