Today’s Solutions: November 26, 2022


To achieve a more sustainable future, the fashion industry needs to overhaul its current practices. Here, we document that progress by covering everything from sustainable textiles to inclusive clothing lines to innovative materials.

These scientists are turning a

These scientists are turning algae into biodegradable flip flops

Flip-flops may seem innocent, but the problem is that this type of footwear is so popular and affordable that it winds up making a significant portion of discarded plastics polluting oceans and seas. That’s not good, especially since they’re typically made with petroleum-based plastics that Read More...

Levi’s announces collection

Levi’s announces collection of jeans made from hemp

Now that it is legal to cultivate hemp across the US, clothing brands are increasingly considering turning to this much-beloved material, that’s often touted not only for its strength but also for being more sustainable than cotton, requiring less water and land space. Now, those looking for a Read More...

Recycled cotton-based clothing

Recycled cotton-based clothing is very tricky, but that’s about to change

The waste generated by the fashion and clothing industry is massive, and not just because of the items that are worn a few times before being discarded in favor of the latest trends. Recycling clothing made from cotton is tricky business, meaning pieces like jeans and shirts often become rags Read More...

Giving digital IDs to clothing

Giving digital IDs to clothing could help the fashion industry cut waste

The circular economy strives to be waste-free, by actively engaging in reuse, repair, recycling, remanufacturing, and resale. But for the fashion industry, a waste-free standard is hard to live up to. Currently, the business model supports a one-way supply chain: manufacture, distribute, and Read More...

Levi’s is using old jeans an

Levi’s is using old jeans and wood pulp to create new, recyclable jeans

When you wear the newest pair of Levi’s, you’ll also be wearing someone’s old Levis: they’re partially made from old, recycled jeans. They’re also fully circular: When they eventually wear out, they can be recycled again into new material for new jeans, using the same innovative Read More...

Zappos expands adaptive line w

Zappos expands adaptive line with single and mixed-sized shoe sales

Most of us take it as a fact of life that shoes are sold in complete pairs, but for those who require adaptive footwear, such as those who use prosthetics or individuals with different sized feet, a pair of matching shoes isn’t too useful. Now, online shoe retailer Zappos is making their platform Read More...

The Optimist View: How consume

The Optimist View: How consumers, companies, and our furry companions scored a win

"Cruelty-free is becoming the standard. Not just in California, in general." - Katie Mukai BY LAUREN GOODMAN A couple of weeks ago, you may have seen an Optimist Daily story in your inbox about a proposed California bill that would ban the use of twelve ingredients in cosmetics. This Toxic-Free Read More...

These little tweaks will help

These little tweaks will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

While it may not be so hard to start living a healthier lifestyle, maintaining one can be very challenging. Having said this, here are five little tweaks to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get real with yourself about what truly feels good All too often people try to follow a diet or Read More...