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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024


Learn about the latest astronomy news and discoveries around humanity’s endeavor beyond the final frontier.

3 ways to use the solar eclips

3 ways to use the solar eclipse to deepen your child’s love of science

As the complete solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 approaches, parents and educators have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to pique children's interest in astronomy. One captivating technique is to compare historical ideas about eclipses with present scientific answers. By comparing and contrasting various Read More...

Your guide to witnessing April

Your guide to witnessing April's total solar eclipse in North America

With the total solar eclipse just around the corner, enthusiasm is building throughout North America. On April 8, a celestial display will occur as the moon crosses the sun, creating a shadow across a large portion of the continent. While acquiring premium lodgings may be difficult at this time, Read More...

A guide to the 2024 solar ecli

A guide to the 2024 solar eclipse

When the skies over Mexico and North America darken on April 8, all eyes will be drawn upward to behold a celestial phenomenon that only happens once in a generation: a total solar eclipse. This stunning phenomenon, in which the moon passes squarely between Earth and the sun, offers an Read More...

Attention all stargazers! Gem

Attention all stargazers! Geminid meteor shower is set to dazzle tonight's night sky 

In the heart of the holiday season and the festive buzz of December, there is yet another event to look forward to: the annual extravaganza, the celestial spectacle—the Geminid meteor shower. A glittering display The skies promise a thrilling show tonight, Wednesday, December 13, through Read More...

The European Union’s sat

The European Union's satellite initiative targets climate-driven threats to forests

The European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA) formed a collaboration to address climate-related risks and protect forests through the use of satellite technologies. Sentinel satellites: forest guardians The proposal calls for the use of Copernicus Sentinel satellites to monitor Read More...

The dawn of space-based solar

The dawn of space-based solar energy: a sustainable solution to our energy needs

Space-based solar power is a visionary solution to our energy demands in a world where the need for renewable energy is growing. The idea of beaming solar energy from space to Earth may have appeared science fiction at one point, but it is now on the cusp of becoming a reality. Scientists and Read More...

How and where to see this week

How and where to see this week's annular "ring of fire" solar eclipse

On October 14, nature will present us with a rare celestial spectacle: an annular solar eclipse. This enthralling occurrence will light up the sky, transforming the sun into a dazzling "ring of fire." While the will mostly take place over regions of the western United States, and Central and South Read More...

Astronomers demand disco balls

Astronomers demand disco balls for science: A shiny spin on solar observation

It’s true that disco balls have had their place in space for decades now. However, some astronomers argue in a new article that disco balls should also be installed in colleges and scientific institutes. Disco balls, as a group of Scandinavian astronomers put it in their yet-to-be-peer-reviewed Read More...

Meet Susan Murabana, the astro

Meet Susan Murabana, the astronomer bringing the cosmos to Kenyan youth

A celestial display unfolds beneath the velvety African night sky, amidst the peace of Kenya's isolated Samburu county. It’s 1:30 AM in mid-August, and 50 enthralled individuals lie on the dry riverbed, their eyes turned heavenwards, entranced by the stars. The Milky Way arcs gracefully across Read More...

Appreciate the magic of June

Appreciate the magic of June and celebrate Nature's summer spectacles

The arrival of June signals the return of our favorite warm-weather activities. BBQs, sunscreen, fire pits, camping, gardening, and a plethora of other sense-awakening activities are finally back in full swing after a long winter's hibernation. This enchanted month is a natural spectacle where the Read More...