Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

New hydrogel fixes the oxygen

New hydrogel fixes the oxygen problem with 3D-printed body parts

There’s no denying the impact 3D printing could have on the medical world. From printing artificial heart pumps to printing tissues within the body, there are many potential applications of this groundbreaking technology. With that said, obstacles remain. One key challenge remains when it comes Read More...

Lego-like 3D-printed biostruct

Lego-like 3D-printed biostructure helps heal injured bones

Lately, medical scientists have been increasingly tapping into the potential of 3D-printing technology to develop scaffolding-like biomaterials that can help heal bone injuries. A new one is claimed to be particularly versatile, as it’s inspired by Lego building blocks. Typically made of Read More...

KFC wants to use 3D printing t

KFC wants to use 3D printing to produce “eco-friendly chicken”

As part of its vision for the ‘restaurant of the future’, KFC is working alongside a Russian 3D Bioprinting firm to create chicken meat, which will allegedly taste and feel like the real thing but with minimal negative impact on the environment. The idea of ​​crafting the ‘meat of the Read More...