Today’s Solutions: May 24, 2024

Manneken Pis (Little man Pee) is a landmark in Brussels, Belgium. It is a small bronze sculpture of boy-fountain

Pee could help feed the world

Humans create a lot of waste. Whether that’s electronic, agricultural, medical, or fuel waste, we have a lot to dispose of. Coming up with creative ideas to use this waste to our advantage could be what saves the Earth and everything that lives on it from the climate crisis. An idea catching Read More...

Armillaria ostoyae growing from bark covered in green moss.

The secrets behind the ferocity of fungi exposed

Armillaria ostoyae is one of the toughest tree-killing fungi on the planet. It assembles with black tentacle-like structures called rhizomorphs, which leach onto trees and suck out their nutrients. The reason the fungi is so hard to kill has previously baffled scientists, with farmers hacking Read More...