Today’s Solutions: May 20, 2024

alternative health

Find your own way

From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 Whether they choose traditional or alternative therapies, cancer survivors all embrace these six habits of mind. By Laura Bond When Laura Bond’s mother, Gemma Bond, was diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer in March 2011, she refused … [Read more...] about Find your own way

Protect yourself

Ask your doctor the right questions and don't leave before you have the answers.Bryan Hubbard | June 2003 issue * How long has this drug been on the market? As we have seen, many of the problems of drugs and their side effects are with the newer drugs that have been recently … [Read more...] about Protect yourself

Sick practices

The exposure of the true face of the pharmaceutical industry. Bryan Hubbard | June 2003 issue It was the end of another busy week at the offices of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, and everyone was keen to get their coats on and head for home for the weekend. Just then the phone … [Read more...] about Sick practices

Why dieting fails

Does pollution play a role in weight loss? Kim Ridley | April 2007 issue Waistlines around the world are expanding at an alarming rate: More than 1 billion people are overweight. While the obesity epidemic is usually blamed on individuals, who eat too much and exercise too … [Read more...] about Why dieting fails