Today’s Solutions: May 28, 2024

Abstract cosmic background with asteroids and glowing stars.

The Gaia telescope has transformed the science of asteroids

There are still so many mysteries of our universe to unveil. Incredible machines such as the James Webb Space Telescope and NASA’s Perseverance rover are helping us slowly but surely put the whole cosmic picture together. Another impressive feat of humankind's efforts in space is the European Read More...

James Webb Space Telescope 3d render.

Webb telescope reaches its destination and turns on its camera

Here at The Optimist Daily, we like to report on the great feats of human kind, including our adventures in space. An incredible thing in recent news is that the James Webb telescope finally set off from Earth to travel up into the universe, with the mission of transforming how we study deep Read More...

An asteroid in front of a starry sky.

AI simulation can model potential asteroid collisions

Asteroid impact Asteroids have hit the Earth before and it is possible they could again. Although, preparation and small interventions could make the difference for humans to avoid total annihilation. A research team from the National Institute of Natural Hazards in China has recently constructed Read More...