Today’s Solutions: September 28, 2023

Here at The Optimist Daily, we like to report on the great feats of human kind, including our adventures in space. An incredible thing in recent news is that the James Webb telescope finally set off from Earth to travel up into the universe, with the mission of transforming how we study deep space.

We wanted to give you an update on the device’s adventures and let our readers know where the mission is at.

The Webb reaches its final destination

In the past few weeks, the telescope reached its final destination, orbiting nearly one million miles from Earth. Scientists had to adjust its position slightly, using thrusters to lightly nudge it into the desired location.

Here, it will orbit around the Sun about once every six months over a planned course of 10 years. Collecting a huge amount of data and sending it back down to scientists on Earth.

Starting up its cold camera

In the past few days the device has set its sights on its first target, a sun-like star named HD 84406 situated in the Big Dipper. To do this, the Webb telescope is slowly powering up its cutting-edge machinery.

The images will be shot on the device’s Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam), which is currently cooling down to its operational temperature of minus 244 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason the electronics have to be so cold is so the heat from the Webb itself doesn’t interfere with the signals it’s trying to pick up from far off galaxies.

“At the beginning, we will have 18 individual blurry images,” Mark McCaughrean, a senior advisor at the European Space Agency, told “At the end, we will have one nice sharp image.”

What will the Webb telescope tell us?

The Webb was dreamed up just over 30 years ago. After this long wait people are more than happy to see the most powerful telescope ever sent from Earth out into the universe finally out exploring. Scientists believe the data it will gather will provide important information about exoplanets, star formation, dark matter, solar systems, asteroids, the big bang, and even more.

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