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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

FDA Approves new brain protect

FDA Approves new brain protective gear for athletes

Brain injuries for athletes in contact sports have been steadily rising since they began to be recorded, and despite increased awareness of the traumatic and potential long-term effects of these injuries, little has been accomplished to reduce their likelihood. A study released by the American Read More...

Breastfeeding athletes will no

Breastfeeding athletes will now be able to bring their children to the Olympics

Weeks after Canadian basketball star and nursing mother Kim Gaucher vocalized concern regarding the policy banning all family members from attending the Olympics in Tokyo this summer, the Olympic committee has adjusted their regulations to allow nursing children to also attend the Read More...

Nothing beats beets: why you s

Nothing beats beets: why you should eat more of this versatile veggie

Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of any healthy diet, but filling your plate with versatile produce will maximize the health benefits you get out of every bite. One versatile veggie you should incorporate into your diet are beets! This vividly-colored root vegetable has more to it than Read More...

5 Ways athletes benefit from a

5 Ways athletes benefit from a plant-based diet

These days, more and more athletes are switching to a plant-based diet—and for good reason. There are many pros that come with avoiding animal-based products and opting for plant-based foods that lower inflammation and boost performance. Below, you’ll find 5 ways an athlete can benefit from Read More...

11-year-old skater uses extra

11-year-old skater uses extra quarantine hours to break Tony Hawk's record

While many of us might be looking for ways to fill up our time in quarantine, an 11-year-old in Brazil has taken full advantage of extra quarantine hours to accomplish something never before done in the world of skateboarding: a 1080-degree turn on a vertical ramp. With his school closed due to Read More...

Wearable sweat sensor can prov

Wearable sweat sensor can provide real-time data about your metabolism

It’s amazing how much information can be derived about a person’s metabolism simply from analyzing their sweat. The problem, however, is that such tests are typically run with the help of bulky equipment in lab-like environments. In an effort to change that, researchers have recently Read More...