Today’s Solutions: May 22, 2024

The case for relocating small

The case for relocating small businesses back to residential areas

If you walk around some 1920s-era neighborhoods, it’s not unusual to see a tiny grocery store inhabiting the street corner. This used to be normal in residential areas, but as cars became more widespread, businesses relocated to more centrally-located commercial centers such as malls. The Read More...

Family On Hiking Adventure Through Forest

The case for shifting to a four-day workweek for post-pandemic life

At The Optimist Daily, we’re putting a lot of focus on what the world can do after the pandemic to create a healthier, more sustainable, and more inclusive society. In New Zealand, one idea that was suggested by prime minister Jacinda Ardern is starting to gain a lot of traction: shifting to a Read More...

Scientists created a textile t

Scientists created a textile that makes viruses slide right off the fabric

Masks and gowns are crucial to protect health workers from the spread of viruses, but they only do so much. Germs can still latch onto the material that protective equipment is made of, and diseases can spread when people touch the masks or touch their gowns. What if, like water sliding off a Read More...