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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

The battery-free dandelion seed inspired device, powered by solar panels, seen in black in the middle.

These battery-free sensors fly like dandelion seeds

Wireless sensors are a versatile technology used to measure all sorts of conditions, without the restraint of being attached to a stationary object the whole time. They have many applications such as in medicine - like this wireless sensor which monitors bone health - or in measuring environmental Read More...

Scientists develop self-chargi

Scientists develop self-charging pacemaker that uses heartbeats to power itself

Pacemakers have a problem – and that’s not something you want to hear about a medical device which literally helps a person’s heart beat at a normal pace. The problem, simply put, is that they are powered by bulky batteries, which have to be surgically replaced at regular intervals due to Read More...

Is the aluminum-ion battery th

Is the aluminum-ion battery the long-awaited technology breakthrough?

Battery technology has long been lagging behind electronics and hardware. Now, can you imagine charging your phone in one minute? And knowing that not only the battery’s life expectancy will outlast your phone’s, but that it poses no fire hazard (unlike lithium-ion batteries) and no threat to Read More...