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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

Palestinian kids have fun on a beach on Gaza Strip during a hot weather

Gaza beachgoers enjoy crystal clear waters for the first time in years

People in the Gaza Strip who wanted to take a refreshing dip while visiting the city’s beaches would be hard-pressed to actually get into the water. Beachgoers who did brave the waves would sometimes end up getting ill due to the untreated sewage that was flowing straight into the waters off Gaza Read More...

Indonesians celebrate new year

Indonesians celebrate new year by clearing 30 tons of plastic off a beach

During the monsoon season each year, large amounts of trash and debris wash up onto Bali’s Kuta Beach. The litter is a serious issue and draws attention to our mounting single-use plastic crisis, but the community’s response to the trash is also inspiring. This year, locals got together for Read More...