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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Wheels of race bikes in a cyclin race.

Why bicycling is so great for you

Most of us learned to ride a bicycle at a young age, and as the saying goes, it's something you never really forget how. If you are looking for a reason to hop back on the saddle, then here are some perks of the sport to get you motivated. It’s low impact  One of the best benefits of cycling Read More...

Byway Travel wants to make you

Byway Travel wants to make your next vacation more sustainable

Excited to return to travel, but concerned about doing so sustainably? New travel company Byway Travel could hold the solution to your problems. Founded in March of last year by Cat Jones, the company organizes what they call “slow travel” itineraries that guide travelers to fascinating Read More...

The critical role of bicycles

The critical role of bicycles during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads, one of our most powerful tools for self-sufficiency and staying healthy might just be the humble bicycle. In New York, cycling has increased by 52 percent over the city’s bridges since social distancing protocols were put in place and in Chicago, bike share use doubled Read More...

This has to be the most sustai

This has to be the most sustainable bicycle on Earth

A bicycle shop in London is offering customers the opportunity to build their own bicycle out of bamboo sticks. While building a bike out of bamboo sounds strange, bamboo is actually a terrific material for building bikes because it’s so light and shock absorbent, which helps to provide a smooth Read More...