Today’s Solutions: February 08, 2023

Most of us learned to ride a bicycle at a young age, and as the saying goes, it’s something you never really forget how. If you are looking for a reason to hop back on the saddle, then here are some perks of the sport to get you motivated.

It’s low impact 

One of the best benefits of cycling is its low-impact nature, making it a safe way to get your weekly exercise for older adults and people with damaged or weak joints. Many different types of bikes can accommodate a range of disabilities and injuries also, making it a common recommendation from orthopedic surgeons.

It’s great for your heart and lungs

Research has shown that cycling can improve heart and lung health, lower your blood pressure, manage your weight, and boost the immune system, therefore helping protect against a range of diseases. A study found that commuters who cycle to work have a 46 percent lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and have a 52 percent lower risk of dying from the condition.

It is environmentally friendly

We all know that burning fuel every morning on our way to work isn’t the best for our beautiful planet. So why not replace your motor vehicle with the most sustainable mode of urban transport instead. Bicycles also take up little space, making cycling economical for public infrastructure.

Your mental health will benefit

A U.S. study surveying more than a million people concluded that exercise was linked to improved mental health and cognitive function. This is nothing new, with many papers linking physical activity to lowering anxiety, bettering brain health, and improving mood.

It improves balance and coordination 

The sport stimulates regions of the brain and nervous system that have been shown to improve motor learning and balance. Many experts recommend cycling to help rehabilitation from issues with walking and balance problems.

It’s easy to pick up

Cycling is a relatively easy and affordable sport to pick up, making it accessible to a large proportion of people. There are many ways you can incorporate cycling into your life: whether that be on your commute to work, at home on an indoor cycle, or as a weekend pastime.

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