Today’s Solutions: June 21, 2024

James Webb Space Telescope 3d render.

Webb telescope reaches its destination and turns on its camera

Here at The Optimist Daily, we like to report on the great feats of human kind, including our adventures in space. An incredible thing in recent news is that the James Webb telescope finally set off from Earth to travel up into the universe, with the mission of transforming how we study deep Read More...

A quark gluon plasma after the collision of two heavy nuclei.

AI helps scientists model the big bang

The number of factors you have to consider when calculating how the big bang went down is tremendous. The key part of the story you have to model is quark-gluon plasma. This is a state where there were many tiny quantum entangled particles, which eventually reached a point of extremely high energy. Read More...

Skier looking over a mountain

The Amazing Promise of Nothing

A Reality Check with Nassim Haramein Nassim Haramein has dedicated his life to finding the origins of our existence. He’s come a long way, and he may be about to unlock an abundant source of energy that will transform humanity and civilization as we know it. If Haramein succeeds, issues like Read More...