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How to deal with panic attacks

How to deal with panic attacks: Understanding the calming effects of brainspotting

The overpowering drive to restore control during a panic episode can be all-consuming. Breathing exercises and other techniques can help, but brainspotting, which makes use of the intriguing connection between eye location and brain activity, is a relatively unknown but effective alternative. Read More...

young Black man stretches and breathes outside

Why is parasympathetic breathing so calming and how do I do it?

Do you find your mind racing when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out? A simple exhale-focused breathing exercise can help you soothe your nervous system, calm your body, and still your mind. Why is this type of breathing so calming? In times of stress, your sympathetic nervous system triggers Read More...

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Experiencing burnout? Use these tips to bounce back

With the chaotic rhythms that today’s society dances to, chances are you’ve heard of burnout, and you may have even experienced it. This unfortunate condition is caused by chronic work stress and is usually related to the lack of energy one has towards a daily job or activity.  Burnout is Read More...

When hope heals

When hope heals

How a positive sense of calm and control can help combat disease. David Servan-Schreiber | March 2009 issue Ten years after he was diagnosed HIV-positive, Paul was still alive. This was long before tri-therapy—the remarkably effective treatment that keeps AIDS patients alive—and everyone asked Read More...