Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2023

With the chaotic rhythms that today’s society dances to, chances are you’ve heard of burnout, and you may have even experienced it. This unfortunate condition is caused by chronic work stress and is usually related to the lack of energy one has towards a daily job or activity. 

Burnout is typically characterized by three main components: emotional exhaustion, general detachment, and a loss of satisfaction from one’s work.

What’s the way out? 

One way to beat burnout during work is through internal recovery. This entails taking a few short breaks during your work and switching tasks when you are feeling mentally or physically exhausted. Instead of checking work emails, take some time to step back and take deep breaths rather than constantly being on top of work.

After a long day, take the opportunity to start with an external recovery process. These external recovery activities are all things we do outside of work to relieve stress and decompress. Instead of having your job constantly on your mind, consider practicing a sport, reading a book, or socializing with people you care about. Encourage yourself to avoid any work-related tasks, and choose activities based on the positive impact they have on your mood. External recovery activities accomplish four things:

  1. Psychological detachment: avoiding thinking about work
  2. Relaxation: taking a walk in nature, listening to music, or simply doing nothing
  3. Mastery: dedicating more time to your hobbies
  4. Control: choosing what you really want to do

Find that activity that feels entertaining and really helps you detach from the stress you may be feeling. An activity that helps you achieve a balanced state of mind will help you bounce back from the slump and reach greater levels of personal and professional satisfaction.

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