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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

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The EU’s plan for carbon emissions tariffs on imported goods

In an effort to reduce the importation of goods that generate environmental damage during their production processes, the EU has declared their support of a plan to impose carbon tariffs on said goods. The EU aims to introduce such a tax on materials such as aluminum, cement, electricity, Read More...

Austria announces new carbon t

Austria announces new carbon tax to curb emissions

In order to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the Austrian government has introduced a new carbon tax that is set to be fully implemented by July next year. This means that Austrians will have 30 euros (around $35 USD) added to their consumer bills per ton of CO2. This cost will rise to 55 euros Read More...

Despite its own emissions, IBM

Despite its own emissions, IBM is pushing America to implement a carbon tax

When it comes to lowering carbon emissions in corporate America, momentum is building behind what is often an unpopular word: “tax." This week, tech giant IBM became the latest major U.S. company to publicly advocate for the federal government to levy a carbon tax, pledging to push Congress, Read More...

A carbon tax is going into eff

A carbon tax is going into effect next week in South Africa

In a bid to drive down emissions and spur the transition to clean energy in South Africa, the country has joined a list of about 40 countries worldwide to adopt a carbon-pricing program. The first phase of the carbon tax will run until December 2022 and will go into effect next. Under the Read More...