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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

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Scientists improve cervical cancer prediction with new test

Great news! A more accurate test for cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer has just been developed by scientists. The groundbreaking test can also detect DNA markers for some other common cancers, implying that it could be used as a predictive test for breast, womb, cervical, and ovarian Read More...

Mitochondria in,HeLa cervical cancer cells.

WHO recognizes Henrietta Lacks for her life-changing contributions to medicine

When Henrietta Lacks sought treatment for cervical cancer at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in the 1950s, her cancer cells were harvested without her consent. These “HeLa cells” became the first sample of human cells to divide indefinitely in a lab, providing the basis for life-changing Read More...

New UK study confirms success

New UK study confirms success of HPV immunization program

The NHS launched human papillomavirus (HPV) immunization program to prevent cervical cancer in England 13 years ago. Now, thanks to a study funded by Cancer Research UK, there is solid proof that this vaccination program has stopped thousands of women from experiencing pre-cancerous changes to Read More...

New AI from Microsoft can quic

New AI from Microsoft can quickly diagnose cervical cancer

In India alone, roughly 67,000 women die of cervical cancer each year. At the same time, there’s just a handful of doctors that can process the pap smear tests which are used to detect this type of cancer. The good news is that Microsoft and SRL Diagnostics have developed an AI tool that Read More...