Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024
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New law allows chefs to run li

New law allows chefs to run little restaurants out of their homes

Wouldn’t it be amazing if people with a knack for cooking could run a small restaurant out of their home? Well, in the city of Riverside, California, that’s now possible. Riverside recently passed law AB-626 that opens unprecedented doors of opportunity by allowing residents to operate small Read More...

Struggling restaurant workers

Struggling restaurant workers can now get a financial grant from Guy Fieri

Most restaurants around the country have been closed in the wake of the shelter-in-place rules, erasing a much needed source of income for service workers. Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has taken notice to what the pandemic is doing to the restaurant industry--and is doing his bit to help.  The Read More...

The power of purpose: 7 social

The power of purpose: 7 socially conscious restaurants to visit around the world

When it comes to the world of social innovation, some of the most interesting work has been taking place in the field of food and restaurants. Not only are chefs and restaurateurs pioneering food that is made in an environmentally friendly way (using ethical and sustainable sources, clean energy, Read More...