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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Senegal’s only circus tr

Senegal's only circus troupe helps homeless children get off the streets

Senegal has exactly one circus troupe: Sencirk—and it was founded by a former child beggar named Modou Touré. Before taking his place as ringmaster of his own circus, Touré, at the age of seven, was sent to a Quranic school. As punishment for learning the Islamic holy book too slowly, he was Read More...

Wales set to ban the use of wi

Wales set to ban the use of wild animals in circus performances

Lack of natural habitats, cramped cages, and forced training are often unavoidable realities that circus animals have to live as a result of people’s entertainment. Deciding that such conditions are inadmissible, the Welsh government is getting set to ban the use of wild animals in traveling Read More...

Circus in Germany replaced all

Circus in Germany replaced all of its performing animals with realistic holograms

Animal abuse in the circus may be hidden from public eyes, but the truth is that elephants, tigers, lions, and other animals are trained with the most appalling cruelty to perform dangerous and uncomfortable tricks for their captors’ profits. Taking a stand against animal abuse in this Read More...

They all can fly

They all can fly

South Africa's Zip Zap Circus works to end racial segregation and foster trust, dedication and teamwork. Fred De Vries| April 2008 issue A circus? Twelve-year-old Andiswa Nkebendu, raised by her mother in the notorious Khayelitsha township near Cape Town, South Africa, had never heard of such a Read More...