Today’s Solutions: June 04, 2023

Animal abuse in the circus may be hidden from public eyes, but the truth is that elephants, tigers, lions, and other animals are trained with the most appalling cruelty to perform dangerous and uncomfortable tricks for their captors’ profits.

Taking a stand against animal abuse in this industry, a German circus has become the first in the world to replace animals with realist holograms. The computer-generated animations are projected to real size and shown in a spectacular way. Animals such as elephants, wild horses, monkeys, and even fish run, swim and do acrobatics on stage. The circus has existed for many years, but recently they decided to replace the animals with 11 projectors, lasers, and lenses strategically placed to offer the jaw-dropping show without even a single animal being involved.

For decades, technology has moved and changed our lives, and this time, it has proven that it can also change for the better the fate of wild animals.

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