Today’s Solutions: July 24, 2024

Wind turbines in a green grassy field with trees

A guide to common climate jargon

A big hurdle in the effort to slow climate change is climate jargon. Many people don’t fully understand the complex language surrounding climate action, making it more difficult for them to relate to and take action on climate issues. Fortunately, science communication organizations like the Read More...

People don’t understand clim

People don’t understand climate jargonーscience communication could help

There are many hurdles ahead as we adjust our world towards a carbon neutral future, but one of the biggest may perhaps just be communicating to the everyday citizen what climate change is and how we address it. A recent study found that some of the most common terms used to discuss the climate Read More...

Why we need to skip the jargon

Why we need to skip the jargon when discussing climate change

When it comes to climate change, there’s a plethora of interchangeable jargon such as “net-zero” and “circular” being used to describe and explain what’s going on. And according to a new study out of Ohio State University, all this jargon could be a stumbling block for fostering Read More...