Today’s Solutions: July 21, 2024

happy and smiling Black mom and daughter outside on the beach

Science Moms are on a mission to spread science-based climate optimism

When we feel overwhelmed and hopeless, many of us turn to our mothers or the mother figures we have in our lives for comfort and encouragement. As adults the challenges we face are much bigger than a scraped knee, with wider problems like climate change possibly luring us into despair. Luckily, Read More...

How to make flood risk researc

How to make flood risk research more equitable

Climate change is exacerbating flood risks in many parts of the world, but unfortunately, research about the impacts of this climate-related flooding is not evenly conducted around the world. Research on flood-vulnerable communities, and subsequent mitigation funding, tends to center on more Read More...

These billionaires just made t

These billionaires just made the biggest climate change research donation ever

Lynda and Stewart Resnick are the owners of Wonderful Company, the largest single producers of almonds and pistachios in the world. That means that if anyone is worried about the consequences of what the climate crisis can be for agriculture, it’s them. After all, their business depends on a Read More...