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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

How to identify your personal

How to identify your personal style in your sustainable fashion journey

In a world of ever-changing trends and fast-fashion frenzy, developing a distinct style is more than simply an aesthetic choice; it's a significant step toward sustainable shopping. Understanding what actually resonates with you allows you to make thoughtful fashion decisions that transcend Read More...

True green fashion means just

True green fashion means just using less

Clothing rental and exchange companies certainly have their time and place; for example, if you need a dress for a special occasion or if your kids are growing out of their clothes faster than you can buy new ones. However, a new study published in Environmental Research Letters reminds us that Read More...

Save the earth and your wallet

Save the earth and your wallet by renting your kid's clothes online

Parents and guardians everywhere are all too familiar with the struggle of clothing a growing infant. New parents hurry to buy brand new baby clothes for their newborn but are then disappointed to find that once they dress their infants, many of the newborn clothes only fit for a couple of weeks. Read More...

Have fancy clothes you never w

Have fancy clothes you never wear? Rent it out on this platform!

Whether it’s a dress you once wore as a bridesmaid or a suit you never got the chance to wear because you work from home, most have us have articles of clothing in our wardrobes that never see the light of day. That’s what inspired New York-based entrepreneur Adarsh Alphons to launch a new Read More...

Multinational retailer Urban O

Multinational retailer Urban Outfitters will start renting out clothes

The sharing economy is now making its way into the fashion industry as Urban Outfitters, a multinational retail company, looks to rent clothes to younger shoppers. In an effort to boost engagement with millennial-age consumers, the 49-year-old retailer is launching a new company called Nuuly by Read More...