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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

Nicola Sturgeon blowing up Scotland's last coal-fired power plant

Scotland blows up its last coal plant as part of its green energy transition

In recent years, an increasing number of countries have moved away from coal in an effort to meet their climate targets. Scotland, for example, severed its ties with fossil fuel back in 2016, when it shut down its last remaining coal power plant. Last week, government officials blew up that same Read More...

Two of America’s biggest coa

Two of America’s biggest coal plants are closing this month

Coal is still America’s third most important energy source, but that won’t last long as two of America’s biggest coal plants are set to cease operations this month. The reason? Slowing electricity demand for coal, climate regulations, and consumers having cheaper alternatives for Read More...

Coal plants are closing, despi

Coal plants are closing, despite Trump’s efforts

Coal is on a downward swing despite President Donald Trump’s best efforts to frame himself as a champion of the industry. According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, more coal power plants closed during Trump’s first two years in the White House than in Obama’s entire Read More...