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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

German grocer’s “r

German grocer's "real costs" campaign nudges shoppers towards sustainable choices

A well-known discount supermarket in Germany is taking a bold move toward encouraging sustainability with a revolutionary project. The "wahre Kosten" or "real costs" campaign seeks to raise awareness on the hidden environmental and health costs connected with particular food products.  The Read More...

five diverse girl friends laugh and give each other piggybacks in the sun

In the market for sustainable swimwear? These are the fabrics to look for

The weather is getting warmer, and the days are growing longer. Now that travel is finally back on schedule, many of us are dreaming of seaside vacations. Sand and sun and relaxation. Sounds great! However, over the pandemic period, many more issues have bubbled to the surface of our collective Read More...

woman holds a bouquet of wildflowers

5 tips for ethically and sustainably sourced springtime bouquets

Once spring has sprung, it’s only natural to want to bring some of that fresh spring feeling indoors in the form of a whimsical bouquet or two. An elegant vase filled with bright blooms is the perfect finishing touch to anyone’s spring cleaning frenzy. Before you commit to buying flowers Read More...

4 small ways you can be a more

4 small ways you can be a more conscious consumer

Climate change lays heavy on our minds, but as we are bombarded with news about the debilitating impact we’ve had on our environment, it can be easy to slip into feeling as though our daily efforts don’t make a real difference. If you’re in an eco-conscious rut, try to remind yourself that Read More...

How to be a conscious consumer

How to be a conscious consumer, even on a budget

Sociologist Joseph Cohen once said, “America is a place where the luxuries are cheap and the necessities are expensive.” While we might feel like our lives are overrun with cheap goods, it can be difficult to shop more sustainably when it feels like the greener options eat away at your Read More...

People, planet, purchasing pow

People, planet, purchasing power

How buying Ben & Jerry's ice cream made me a more conscious consumer. Amy Domini | June 2011 issue I hate to date myself, but I’m old enough to remember having three pairs of shoes. The Buster Browns were for all the time; these sturdy brown lace-ups were for school, play and most activities. Read More...